12th Grade

Conquer your dreams with a world-class institution – 12th grade year Senior Year

Introduction to the 12th Grade Program

The 12th grade course is mainly for students who want to complete their senior secondary education with a globally recognized certificate. We approach each student with a career-centered and exclusive curriculum that enables them to access quality education. Our goal is to teach every student how to achieve the best results possible, which will shape their entire career.

We have incorporated a career-focused pedagogy for 12th grade students, and the course is available in arts, science, and commerce streams. It is an opportunity to select the best stream suitable for your future profession. We provide expert faculties who are trained and certified in each subject separately. The study materials are simple to grasp and provide adequate preparation for the final exams.

Simultaneously, students can choose to enter the workforce directly, armed with the knowledge and skills acquired throughout their schooling. The specialized vocational courses and apprenticeships provide avenues to gain hands-on experience and technical proficiency in various trades. 

Some may choose to take a gap year to explore their options, engage in internships, or gain practical experience before committing to further education. Others might opt for vocational training, enhancing their practical skills for quicker entry into the workforce. Regardless of the chosen path, the period after 12th grade education is characterized by both excitement and uncertainty, as students embark on a journey of self-discovery and academic pursuit, setting the stage for their future accomplishments.

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Who can apply?

To join the 12th grade, the applicants should be 16 years old and have a 10th grade certificate from a recognized board. Anyone who meets the eligibility criteria can join for the 12th grade